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Mario Salvo started painting at the behest of his father Giovanni Accademico d’Arte from a very young age (just over 6 years old) showing a marked propensity for everything related to colors and shapes. He took first approaches with the spatula when he was only 8 years old and since then the tool has been with him constantly. This year he has reached a great milestone as he celebrates 60 years of art through 4 major evolutions, the last of which is called CHROMOSYNTHESIS. Through courses and private lessons Salvo teaches the technique of the “stratigraphic spatula” of which he is the first interpreter and inventor.

Stratigraphic spatula :
It’s a technique which improves the chromaticism through glazes called “stratigraphies” in an elaboration of extreme synthesis directly forged on the support to be painted, therefore a unique product because it’s generated in a single unique fusion. Currently the stage is called CHROMOSYNTHESE.

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