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My name is Matthieu Delfini, 27. I was born in the South of France (Nice), having strong Mediterranean roots (Corsica, Calabria). I currently live and work i
n Paris, where I studied in a Business School. I started painting one year and a half ago ; I did not have any true professional experience with art so far but

I have always been deeply attracted by graphic arts. My vision of life and human relationships brings a frame to my paintings while my visual and emotion
al experiences are my sources of inspiration. First starting with watercolor painting, I decided then to work with acrylic that seem better suited for lively and colorful representations. In terms of influence, I particularly admire the work of Edward Hopper and Félix Valloton.

My first steps are clearly focused on the realistic representation of what I see, have seen, what I live or have experienced. The strong emotions linked to certain times and places, but also the South of France where I was born, are for me inexhaustible sources of artistic exploration. The trips I have been able to make -and through them the diversity of. discovered landscapes and architectures- also feed my daily inspiration. My choice of colors, generally quite lively, appears to reflect my personality and how I see my relationship with other human beings. I love Living Intensely, and that's without a doubt that character trait that is found in what I produce today. Painting is particularly suited to channeling emotions.

Through these peaceful landscapes I aspire to put back in the present, provided that we let ourselves be immersed in it, an ephemeral moment that is engraved in the past. Playing on the size of works in the future attracts me a lot, and I hope to try my hand at very large formats as soon as possible. The possibility of going into more detail and the desire to provoke a total immersion in the spectator are the main reasons for this.

Beyond that, the main driver of all my productions is the desire to praise the beauty and diversity of Nature. It definitely has to be linked to the current ecological considerations that should be on top of worldwide priorities right now. I wish that through these paintings, one can figure out what the Nature
truly offers us and what we risk losing in the future.

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