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Miho ENDO, born in December 20, 1986, Fukuoka, Japan
Japanese painter of the impressionist style
Educated in the Liberal Arts University both in California, the U.S, and Barcelona, Spain.
As a self-taught artist, I mainly traveled Italy, France, Spain, and the U.K, to learn the beauty of European nature.

Since I was little, I loved Monet's paintings because of my mother's influence, and I was very attracted TO the West. Until high school I lived in Japan, then I went to college in USA and Spain. I miss the time when on my holidays when I was a student, I went to the museums in England ands spent time painting on the banks of the Seine.Then, I wanted to draw a picture that can combine the beauty and healing of the East
and the West. In Japan, there is a unique traditional craft of bowl called "kintsugi". In the Western art
something "perfect" is preferred more, but in Japan, you put a crack in a bowl and pour gold into it. It expresses "beauty that can only be achieved because of scratches". While aiming for perfection, my painting still has some childish parts, but I feel that it may be healing. I hope that all the people will see the picture and feel a sense of security and healing.

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