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I was born in Guadeloupe in 1979. I arrived early in the North of France, I had a happy childhood influenced by the Creole, Greek, Belgian and French cultures inherited from my parents and grandparents.
I have always had a great sensitivity for moods, textures and smells. Since I was little, I paint, I knead,
I taste and observe with great curiosity.
Over time, my love for painting intensified. Today I use rusty steel sheets as a support.
I play with colors and the capricious oxidation that I try, sometimes with difficulty, to tame and tame.

Rust has a bad reputation, but when you touch it and look at it closely, you discover a multitude of details.
always different. She's never the same, she's sensual and that's what I like.
I also like its smell. It is a very particular smell that I would describe as "alive". It is a smell reminiscent of that from childhood, that of the craftsmen's workshops of yesteryear, these simple and charismatic places filled with history. It's the smell nostalgic for the life that remains when people leave. When I paint, I love this subtle blend of tactile, visual and olfactory. This brings about appeasement in me and evokes something spiritual, like an accompaniment. It is this need for authenticity and meditation that I try to convey. Like steel, man is an alloy marked by the effects of time and like rust, life is unpredictable.
Often, I use elongated supports which, in my opinion, mark time in the same way as a frieze.
Chronological marks existence and its events. Also, horizontality betrays a form of impatience, a thirst for
discover what is hidden further away and sounds like an irrepressible need to remove the doubts that drive me.

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