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Deconstruction of the self and reconstruction of freedom, Oussamh explores his creations by mirroring a universal human truth through his primal, instinctual expressions. Showcasing how an emotion is brought into being. Finding the honesty in the illusion, making sense of the nonsense and ending the order within the chaos. Oussamh received his BA in Liberal Arts with a focus on Visual Arts and Humanities from York University in Toronto. Oussamh’s work has been exhibited in multiple shows and international art fairs in New York, London, Beirut and Venice. He’s currently exhibiting with Artual Gallery in Beirut, Lebanon.

With each artwork, Oussamh invites the audience to embark on a journey that begins with bold shapes, strokes, fine lines and splatters. It starts to take form into a universe of oxymorons, metaphors and onomatopoeia. Gentle yet controversial messages and images of fantastic confessions; that in the world we live in, our most insane delusions, fantasies and reality, in their detail, are all intertwined.

Attributing emotions and reactions throughout every stroke of brush, using it as a device for personifying the rawest of inanimate objects and natural phenomena. Therefore, allocating the rawest human characteristics to other living creatures, organisms, matter and energy from the whole Universe. Captivating the cosmos in its sweetness and bitterness.

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