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Regina Goldelman was born in Russia. She graduated from the Kazan Pedagogical University with a first class degree and practiced as a children’s speech therapist. Goldelman moved to Moscow in 2008 and then went to London in 2015 to continue her studies. In 2018, having settled in Israel, Goldelman discovered that she had a talent for painting and started to create her unpredictable paintings, full of colour and drama. Having received very positive responses to her work, from local art collectors and experts, she decided to open her own working space and gallery in the Old City of Jaffa. Goldelman is presently painting full time, creating original works of art.

Goldelman’s specificity is in her perception of the world that surrounds her. When she is painting time stands still, she doesn’t even know how long she spends in the studio.

Goldelman believes she is producing something meaningful that may provoke people so that they stop for a moment and take some time to reflect on themselves. While painting, she feels as she releases her deepest emotions which drives her to express herself on the canvas. While painting she uses her deepest emotions to express herself on the canvas. She is creating something new and special that has never been seen in the world before, therefore she feels she is sharing a small part of her inner self with the spectators.

The most important feature of her work is undoubtedly The Colour. It is the colour and the rebellious combinations that make each and every one of her artworks unique. She expresses her thoughts and feelings through using a variety of colours with immediate swift and unpredictable movements. It is the colour that breaks the borders of our perceptions of the objects, and thus the traditional concept of object and subject no longer exists.

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