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Danish-born painter Sarah Winther Lagersted has been working as an artist since 2017. She creates paintings with acrylic paint markers on paper. Sarah has studied Art History at The American University of Rome and the University of Cambridge while attending Fine Art courses at the university in Rome, Richmond Adult Community College in London and NY Carlsberg Glyptotek in Copenhagen. Sarah exhibited in Sweden in 2019 and will be participating in the Paris Art Fair in September 2021.

Fascinated by colour theories and contrasts, the artist creates paintings with intense colour palettes inspired by the subject matter that challenges the idea of colours and how we usually see them.

While studying Art History, she discovered a particular interest in Expressionism, Pop Art and Street Art, which has highly influenced her work and approach to art making, as well as her latest series depicting life after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic.

As seen in her previous work, she has found inspiration in iconic images from pop culture and focuses on relating it to our present society and current situations. Her latest series portrays the new struggles and difficulties we currently face in a world changed by the pandemic. Going through these difficult and uncertain times, she finds it important to draw from the lighter things in life to deal with life’s absurdity. This is why her approach to the representation of these times has been from a humorous perspective.

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