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In 2018 Sho Honda held a solo exhibition at the Chiba Bank Gallery. The next two years, he held an exhibition at the Hunabasi Department store, and at the Kobe Department Store.
He also has a collection of works at the Sato Sakura Museum.

Honda creates his artworks with nature as the motif. Above all, he is attracted to the appearance and vitality of trees and draws inspiration from many of them. Honda uses rock paint, which has been a medium for a long time in Japan.
Rock paint is an art material that is made by mixing powdered natural ore and shells with glue.
He also uses traditional painting materials such as gold leaf, silver leaf, and ink in combination with the elusive rock paint.

The artist is in pursuit of expressions that only he can draw whilst dealing with classical techniques and materials.

Also, he values the process of visiting different places and sketching as he can feel the flow of air, subtle changes in color, sounds and smells by engaging en plein air.

In Honda’s artworks he trying to show not only the scene in front of you, but also to express the feeling of air, sounds of nature, the impression of light-everything you can feel with your five senses.
The painter is fully conscious of everything that surrounds him in the moment, while the painting is appearing under the brush.

He hopes the viewers can feel what he receives from nature.

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