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Sophie Donatien was born in 1967 in Martinique, where she works and lives. Her means of expression is painting with elements of collage created from natural and recycled materials, marking man’s trace on the environment. From 1987 to 1995, she studied at Belle Arti of Florence, Italy and at Ecole du Louvre in Paris. After years of teaching, she has devoted herself to creating since 2019, exploring how, between Figuration and Abstraction, the encounter of materials manifests the Human presence in Nature.

Inspired by apparently antinomic materials, which give birth to surprising encounters, she creates compositions that aim at giving life to matter, through imitation or collage, through the mixing or juxtaposition of elements coming from nature or artefacts. In her everyday life, beyond selective recycling, she indulges in an improvised domestic sorting based on colour, shape or texture. The worn-out enhances the new, the natural embraces the artificial, the illusory consumes the real, the mundane and the noble mix with each other, in the interplay of brushes which splash or melt, of hammers which wrinkle, of clamps which wring and distort. The glue fixes, and becomes colour or matter, among the lids, capsules, plugs, nets, exotic bark, which try to escape the sprayers. The juxtaposition of elements plunges me her into magical encounters.

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