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Soyoung AHN

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Ahn Soyoung introduces nomadic thinking to her contemporaries who are living in an incomplete reality. The woman in the artwork is not limited by time and space and is able to go anywhere. As she does not belong to any one place, she is only headed towards where she feels like going.
In her first series of “A journey of one’s own”, Ahn tried to convey her feelings of focusing solely on oneself through the image of a woman who is there alone in the midst of sceneries such as flower-blooming spring, summer sea, and a reed forest in autumn. Since <A journey of one’s own #12, 2019, Lee Museum collection> in which she drew a woman in a grove of birch trees, “A journey of one’s own” took a different turn and was subdivided into three parts: <Nature - where she stays>, <A chair – all she needs in nature>, and <Staring – her gaze> .

The series “A journey of one’s own” shows a woman amidst a landscape. Compared to the enormity of nature, the woman appears as a small figure, however she is naturally assimilated without being alienated or left out. The age of this woman is hard to specify, because she is an adult woman, but she has a characteristically girlish expression. The smile of this woman with a girl's heart reminds viewers of her inner purity which has since been lost. She has the happiest and fullest smile in nature.

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