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Stine Reintoft is an artist and lives in Copenhagen, where she works as an independent visual artist and illustrator in her company By Stine Reintoft.

Stine Reintoft is i.a. affiliated with a French gallery EXPO4ART, Contemporary art, an art association with 120 modern artists primarily from France, where Stine Reintoft regularly exhibits In Paris.

Stine Reintoft was born and raised with a brush in her hand, and has learned a lot from her grandfather - the painter Paul Kastrup.

She has attended several art schools, Billedskolen, Glyptotekets Tegneskole, Skolen for Billedkunst, at Ulrik Hoff, Central St. Martin School of Art in London and the School of Animation. Stine Reintoft is also a trained Multimedia Designer.

Stine Reintoft started as a professional painter in the autumn of 2016 after a stay in the Statens Legatbolig in Paris, where she found her inspiration, among other things. to his many pictures with motifs from Paris. She has exhibited i.a. five times in Paris, where she also has a contract with a gallery. In addition, Stine Reintoft is affiliated with several galleries in Copenhagen, including Gallery Bredgade 22.

Stine Reintoft draws for many different magazines (GASTRO, Ugebladet Søndag), books and private customers.

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