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Taehun KWON

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If you are not born with any purpose in this world, but you have no choice but to do certain things under any circumstances, isn’t that the purpose of being born into this world? For Taehun Kwon, the purpose of his life and the reason he was born is art. In 2008, at the age of 18, he went to an art gifted class and decided to become an artist, and then went through various experiences in his 20s. Now, through his art, he explores his purpose, his reason for being born into this world, enabling him to live fully as himself.

When photography became commonplace through cameras and ‘representation’ of visible objects became meaningless, Cézanne ‘expressed’ on canvas what photography could not do. Taehun Kwon believes his work is not to ‘reproduce’ the world as he sees it. Rather than ‘reproducing’ the world as he sees it as the subject, he carefully and delicately expresses himself on the canvas with his own colours, dots, lines, and faces.

The process has meaning and value. In the process, the limits of thinking gradually disappear, and the value of imagination that is impossible in reality is maximised. Taehun Kwon thinks the world is constructed of points, lines, and planes. In a small way, in everyday life, a person seen far away is shown as a dot, and the boundary line is shown as a line, and when the head is raised, the form of a slowly flowing cloud is expressed as a plane. Furthermore, in the infinite universe, each planet, such as the Earth, appears as a single dot. In his work, he ‘expresses’ his thoughts as ‘dots, lines, and faces’, constructing and arranging them in a formative manner.

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