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Taeyang HONG

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Hong Taeyang was born in 1986 and influenced by art at the early stage of his family's life. He has graduated from Dong-ah institute of media and arts. Upon graduation, Hong Taeyang participated in performing art, studying photography, studying in Mainz academy of Arts (JGU), Germany and finished his diploma in BLOO école de photographie et d'image contemporaine, Lyon, France. He currently works as a full-time artist in Europe and Korea.

Taeyang Hong draws various stories such as social issues or his own philosophical stories.
he recombines and reconstructs images and texts extracted from pop cultures such as novels, movies, music, and Social media to suit the present times. The curiosity about what the symbol in the times could mean in the same era is expressed in pop art with strong volatility rather than intimately expressing the symbol.

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