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Takuro OKUDA

Ayano (Kumiko Tsunashima).JPG

Buliding my career as an interior craftsman and then as a web designer, I started to teach myself the art of creating ball-jointed dolls in 2015. The same year I received a price at a doll creator contest.

I am currently exhibiting my artworks around the Tokyo area.
Main Exhibitions: 「Shojo Raisan」(2021, Tokyo) , iiwii Exhibition (2019, New York) and Vanilla gallery competition (2017, Tokyo).
My dolls and objects are a sculpted around culture and decadence, vague presence of something indescribable and fantasy. For example, I use rust and ashes to stain the artwork and they leave unpredictable shadows and bleed into a certain individuality that can not be recreated. To me ‘human shaped dolls’ are the perfect medium to express anything related to ‘the human being’. And I feel that this comprehensive-art holds an unbelievable amount of
possibilities, beyond one’s dreams.

The pattern of heart_50 x 50.jpg
Loved by you_80 x 80.jpg
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