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A graduate of Tama Art University in the design section, and collaborator of the AGORA gallery in New York, Takuya Sugiyama is an abstract painter producing animal motifs on canvas. It is based on “capturing all the energies of the world, their interactions and resonances” in order to better transcribe reality.

He is one of the representatives of modern abstract painting, in which the world appears as energy, as a series of intertwining lines imitating reality. He has notably collaborated with artists and producers such as Yukisada Isao, Shoji Hiroshi, Eda Yuka and Sumire.

His approach:

He perceives the expression as a prayer. It is made up of a series of gratitudes and joys that the artist experiences in the face of the world and the constant exploration of new paths. For him, it does not constitute a simple accompaniment to a bucolic landscape, for example, but rather traces felt during the discovery of the world.

For the artist, this is a sensory experimentation, becoming the medium forming an image. The painter is only the mediator between these sensations and the canvas.

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