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I learned through my accomplishments and my experiences. My vision of art and techniques in as long as an autodidact brings me strength and is a major asset for creating unique and not formatted by a school curriculum that models art and imagination according to trends
arts dictated by society.Benefiting from my mother's example from a young age, I practiced sculpture, drawing and painting, opening up to
a world that quickly fascinated me. Subsequently, I discovered new inspirations, new movements artistic, new artists on the networks. These multiple influences built my love for art.

So I started my artistic path with figurative art. This gave me a solid foundation on the plan techniques, experiences and creations. However, after a few years I found myself painting with a lack of enthusiasm that is felt in my works. This is why, following the birth of my son, I have decided to change completely. From the figurative artistic movement, I went directly to abstract art. I have an abstract and instinctive art style. I define a range of colors and a dynamic, after which I let the natural do its job by creating shapes, lines, splashes, drips, etc. For me, this is the very soul of abstract painting; it does not reflect a definite form, it is the mirror of the person who looked. Everyone will find a definition specific to themselves. Thus, a painting that I will do with a feeling of joy can be seen in a thousand different ways, and that's what I find it completely insane. Abstract art makes it possible to show that any work, whatever it is, can be described from multiple ways while it appears to behold only one way.

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