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Trophy J

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Trophy J is a South Korean artist. He has several exhibitions to his credit. He has done solo exhibitions entitled "Warping" and "Complexity" organized respectively at the Soar Museum and at the Art 14 Gallery. The artist has also participated in numerous group exhibitions such as "Ceramics meets Art" organized at the museum of Yanglim in South Korea. In particular, Trophy J won the 56th Chollanamdo Art Competition Prize and the 39th South Korea Art Competition.
Trophy J first encountered art through a documentary on the construction of the Geoga Bridge connecting Busan and Geoje located in the south of the Korean Peninsula. The bridge crossing the South Sea passes through two intermediate islets. The building was first erected from steel wire. These same wires subsequently transformed the reinforced concrete blocks into a more solid structure. The metal wire bends according to the user's needs and deforms according to the shape. At the same time, metal frames become rigid when subjected to high tension and have high strength.All in all, we can say that the wires form the backbone of this immense footbridge. A flexible and malleable steel wire at will. It was the charm of this building that launched Trophy J into the production of works of art. The Korean artist mainly uses fiber-reinforced plastic and acrylic resin. He also puts aluminum on the surface of his works. Trophy J is open to the use of other materials such as carbon fibers or aramid fibers. The artist leaves the spectators free to express their emotions while contemplating the works.

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