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Venie was born in 1970, she grew up and studied in the region of Paris. Despite her early interest and practice of the arts, she started her artistic career in 2017 by learning the techniques of oil painting through professional workshops. She started by painting landscapes and portraits, but she rapidly found a desire to express herself entirely without limiting herself to describing something she sees. She stopped her professional career in human resources to fully commit to becoming a painter

Venie uses acrylic paint, working in a spontaneous, intuitive and expressive style, welcoming each impulse of form and colour, without judgment of any kind. Venie gives her work the necessary space so that the spectators may let go and be astonished; she even wants her works to give birth to undiscovered treasures. She wishes to welcome all of these feelings, without giving the opportunity to her conscience to identify with a body because if she did, it wouldn’t be one anymore but two.

Abstract painting allows this unconditional welcome and an introspective dialogue. She watches what comes to her in her life, under multiple angles in order to be sure she can welcome it. The artist answers to what she perceives by carrying on with a delicate touch and balance so that she doesn’t intimidate what has to come, this whisper of life, that sometimes makes a figurative form appear.

With this embracing energy, her artworks full of poetry and hope may express. The harmony and the power brought out by the softness of the colours and curves she paints, give a sense of welcome and goodwill to the spectator. The artist’s creations focus on what emerges and not on what breaks down. The welcoming of oneself is at heart in her paintings. Her creative process encourages us to live in a harmonious dimension where we are ourselves. Her works show us it is better to be in a caring world where our inner child finds its place.

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