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Yosuke Sasaki was born in 1980 in Hokuto City, Hokkaido, Japan. Growing up in a town with beautiful sea and mountains, he entered Tokushima University in Tokushima Prefecture in 2000. As he wanted to paint her favorite paintings from an early age, and he majored in art. He went on to graduate school at the same university in 2004, and the following day in 2005, he started his artist career with his first solo exhibition at Gallery wake up in Tokushima City. After his graduation, he lived in Kamiyama, Tokushima, and in 2009 he held her first overseas solo exhibition at OUCHI GALLERY in New York. Since 2010, he has moved to Hakodate and continues his activities such as holding solo exhibitions in Hakodate, Sapporo and New York. He currently produces mainly paintings, but he has also done installations using small objects. It expresses the illusionary world created by his unconscious. When I am somewhere, I always express what I feel but ca’nt see. I grew up in Hokuto City, Hokkaido, and Kamiyama Town, Tokushima Prefecture, in an environment with a lot of nature. Nature is always full of miraculous colors and shapes. When I encounter the miraculous sight, I feel that it was created by the power of a great "something".
What on earth makes me feel that way? I studied the works of Surrealis and Earl Brut, as well as the primitive art that represents Aborigines. And I think that my unconsciousness is stimulated by the miraculous sight of nature and makes me feel something transcendental. When I’m creating, I seek out and draw the shapes of creatures from accidental colors and shapes. The production is improvised and I can't predict what it will be like. In the process of production, we value every moment of intuition. Therefore, the finished work goes beyond my will. I think that the works found and drawn in this way will be close to nature itself. I would like to express the connection between our human spirit and the universe including this world through the production of works.

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