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Born in 1981, Akiyama has drawn since 2017 to explore the Japanese art system and to add his own contribution to it. At the beginning of 2021, the artist held his first official exhibition in MADS Art gallery in Milano before presenting his works at Gallery 21 in Tokyo. In 2022 he plans to hold an exhibition in Ueno Royal Museum of Tokyo.

Usually, cracks carry a negative image; they can be linked to interpersonal relationships, social relations, or/and material elements like buildings or houses.      

“What changes when something cracks ?” asks the artist.

According to him, if we see something cracked as something changed, then it is possible to perceive the positive aftermath of this shock.

A crack offers new possibilities that allow us to see how we can change our future.                  “Through my art, I hope that you can see the cracks as an opening towards new horizons.”

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