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Yuiko Amano was born in 1990 in Tsukuba City and grew up in Boulder, Colorado and Nara city, Japan. She excelled in science and engineering and later attended university in Kyoto, where she majored in civil engineering. After graduating, she participated in the research and development of observational instruments (e.g. hydrophone). Following this, she moved to London and began a new major in architecture and urban design. Later, her interest shifted to the field of fine art and she focused on her representative language and was based in the sculpture studio at the Royal College of Art.

The main concept in her art is ‘mirage’ – this term can be understood as meaning ‘fake utopia’, and it has many issues. She is sculpting a dystopian scene of the interior of the ‘delusional sphere’ (a representation of the mirage, which is defined as an invisible and intangible or unseen element). The sphere includes imperialistic feudal society, and its various hierarchical systems are embodied in the form of quadrangular pyramids. From the perspective of a Japanese female, she elucidates the problems that are at the root of the friction and emotional hatred between neighbouring countries and projects them into her work, starting from her country’s political and geopolitical factors. She would like to highlight and sculpt the various ‘mirages’ which are caused by the essence of imperialism introduced by her country, its heritage and its effect on today’s society, and the accompanying principles of imperialism from a global perspective, with an experimental and interactive attempt.

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