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Yunha CHOI

Ayano (Kumiko Tsunashima).JPG

Her job is to express to the maximum the senses and feelings she experiences through communication. She worked as a producer for independent cinema for many years. And, apart from the cinema, she has always had a curiosity for art. In addition, when she felt this strong desire to express herself through channels other than writing, she ended up becoming interested in drawing, after realizing herself that there was no linguistic equivalent, she adopted conversation as her tool of expression.

The subjects of her work are psychology and feelings. Dripping, a technique that appears regularly in his work, highlights overwhelming feelings and the change in psychology. In the abstract, she arranges her own symbols in a discreet and ambiguous way. So, she pays attention that the amplified feelings show up explicitly. Color is an important part of her work. Each of the colors represents a personal symbol, she tries to maximize the senses that the colors arouse, because the bright colors stimulate her feelings. Her job is to go beyond the elements of modeling and aesthetics. her wish / goal is to encompass human feelings and psychology. Finally, she hopes to share her feelings with each other.

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