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Kaoru Shibuta(b.1980) graduated from Kanebo Make-up Institute, Pan Make-up School. He paints spontaneously based on the way sounds feel as colors and shapes. He has presented his work at artist-in-residences around the world, including Barcelona Art and Culture Center Espronceda, the Santa Monica Museum of Art (CASM), and the Russian National Center for Contemporary Art (NCCA). Pebeo brand ambassador 2023.

I Musik by Kaoru Shibuta

I Musik by Kaoru Shibuta

Kaoru Shibuta, Back to the Nature, 550 × 200cm, 2020

Kaoru Shibuta, Microbes dances, 555 × 200cm, 2023

Kaoru Shibuta, Goldberg Variations, 200 × 87cm, 2023

Kaoru Shibuta, Ikaho, 216 × 86cm, 2023

Kaoru Shibuta, Sarorun Kamuy, 290 × 160cm, 2023

Kaoru Shibuta, Symphonic dances, 173 × 288cm, 2022

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