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New York

Mariart is a freelance illustrator and NFT artist based in New York. She is also an artist and art director of Lay Village, a global art and entertainment company that plans exhibitions and promotions that combine fine art content and pop culture content. She likes to draw simple yet colorful portraits and tends to draw mainly portraits of women. She gets a lot of inspiration from various things such as fashion, travel, and daily life.

Mariart has participated in numerous exhibitions, including the "Ars Electronica 2021", "NFT.NYC 2021 & 2022” in New York Times Square and "Maison de Noel", "PUNKISM" in Paris. Most of the works she presents at this Art Fair are based on what she is usually grateful for, what she likes and enjoys. She launched an NFT project called "City Ladies" on the OpenSea NFT Marketplace (1111 unique portraits of women, randomly generated through coding using 162 different traits), a collection that symbolizes very unique fashion and attractive women who living in a big city. The pieces to be exhibited this time are also likely to be works that reveal her unique urban sensibility.

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