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Brooklyn, New York

mark stafford studio.png

Stafford’s work finds rest between two and three dimensions as compositions expressed through waves of fabric and color-shifting pigments in resin. The sculpture emerging from In Medias Res wrestles with our connections to consciousness, time, and space. Spaces that are both real and imagined finding subject and context, frame and format to be competitively interwoven in their stated formations, bridging perceptions and abstractions of the shape of existence at the intersection of our observational universe and model-dependent realities. 

Having planted the roots of this practice in the vast and rugged environments of Alaska and Arizona with an adventurous spirit and moderate restraints imposed by epilepsy-- his background piqued his interest early in the physics that the James Webb Space Telescope is currently weighing in on string theory, quantum mechanics, and alpha events.  His work has always been a material interrogation of life, knowledge, and reality, nurtured the belief that we have a relatively open contextual identity bonded and realized more by where we set our focal points than where we are now.

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