10th - 13th Oct 2024Saatchi Gallery, London

A Medley of Art Forms: Vibrancy and Depth

Beddru, These are the days, Mixed media on plexiglass, 150✕80cm

Many artists are faced with this question in their careers: how can I best get my message across, and add a new dimension to my work?

Italian artist Beddru turned to mixed media to make his art stand out from the crowd. Mixed media art is a form of visual art that combines a variety of media into a single work of art. For example, an artist may draw with ink and later paint over it with watercolors. Mixed media is interesting because it can take many forms, allowing artists to express themselves more easily and freely. This technique first appeared in the early 20th century with the cubist collages and constructions of artists such as Picasso.

Beddru, Desiderio, Mixed media on plexiglass, 100✕100cm

Beddru uses ink that he applies inspired by the technique of the Italian painters of the seventeenth century, adding his personality and modern touch. He also experiments with non-traditional materials, such as thick panels of Plexiglas superimposed. Finally, he uses bright pigments to create a striking vibrancy and this is what makes his style unique. Mixed media offers the opportunity to explore newer materials in conjunction with older ones, and that's exactly what Beddru does: he manages to combine traditional art inspired by Italian Fauvism with contemporaneity.

Beddru, Monstera 1, Mixed media on premium canvas, 100✕100cm

The strong, contrasting colors he uses to construct his images evoke powerful emotions and expressive depth, juxtaposed with a lightness of spirit that captures and fascinates the viewer. Mixed media is used to accentuate feelings: bold outlines, dynamic brushstrokes, and contrasting hues inspire passion and enthusiasm.

Beddru, Heartbeat, Mixed media on plexiglass, 105✕105cm

He is inspired by the past, but his subjects are undeniably contemporary. The same is true of the materials he uses. Each body of work often consists of several works grouped around specific themes and meanings, such as sexism or the connection to nature.

The viewer is challenged by the enigmatic and figurative figures, the vibrant colors, and the singularity brought by the use of mixed media that are hard to ignore.

Written by Lilas Boulérot-Guillard