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Art Photography Re-imagined

Imagine a work of art hanging in the living room that shifts and changes according to different settings and moods. From artwork that can be selected at your fingertips to limited editions of unique images from iconic artists - Ionnyk is revolutionising the technology of digital art and harnessing the power of e-paper to create an artistic experience like no other. Ionnyk, whose tagline is “a magical piece of art”, participated in the FOCUS Art BOOM at the Carrousel du Louvre in September. As an Art Fair that values the way art can shape how we view the world, as well as the smart experience that art can bring, this FOCUS article casts a spotlight on Ionnyk in hopes to explore further the tantalising future of digital art.

Known as the world’s first connected art frame made up of millions of black and white ink capsules “that move in time and space”, Ionnyk views themselves as the “spotify of art”. Created by Mathieu Demeuse and his wife, Charlotte Dubois, the frame is a representation of “Belgian success” that is now witnessing great interest at an international scale. The company functions on a subscription basis which offers around 5 to 10 artworks to their clients per month, allowing them to change the photograph featured in their Ionnyk frame which does not require any cables or backlighting. Controlled from a mobile application that can be accessed on a regular smartphone, the catalogue of artworks amounts to more than 1000 by over a hundred established artists from 20 countries. This experience can be tailored further through offers of limited edition artworks (NFTs) which are signed by the artist to create a unique experience.

Paul Giggle

Artists are central to the ideology of Ionnyk, who embraces the diverse aspirations and visions of the artists who come from all corners of the world. For example, Benoît Feron, a Belgian photographer, forms one of the ‘ambassadors’ of Ionnyk. His work - stemming from a profound passion for traveling and exploring our planet and its marvelous creations, furthermore demonstrates a love for nature and for the diversity of beauty. Several of his works featured by Ionnyk are portraits from African tribes. Often gazing directly at the viewer, the subjects of these portraits don traditional tribal outfits. The monochromatic palette, accentuating the play between light and dark reflecting off their necklaces, earrings, and face accessories emphasise the seriousness and the solemnity of their gazes.

Michael Ruggiero, Guillaume Issaly, Dan Asaki

The artworks showcased by Ionnyk frames are diverse and many, spanning a wide range of themes. From architectural shots such as the image of a church interior by artist BigKids, the space between two buildings by Guillaume Issaly to a spiraling staircase calling to mind the Fibonacci Golden Ratio, the works selected by Ionnyk offer up a discovery experience of different tastes, interest, and historical or cultural significances. The minimalistic design and black-and-white display of the frame gives the artworks a “clean and focused” look, drawing attention to every detail. Indeed, Ionnyk transforms the way that we appreciate photographic art. With state-of-the-art technology, the Ionnyk frame allows the viewer to appreciate at their own pace and at a multitude of angles the power of art photography.

Written by Rose Wei