10th - 13th Oct 2024Saatchi Gallery, London

Introducing FOCUS Art Boom 2022

Following a period of great uncertainty, there is an imminent post-pandemic BOOM on the horizon for the art world. As the COVID-19 pandemic altered our lives, the art industry (art galleries, auction houses, and art fairs) was forced to adapt to a virtual and socially-distanced existence, reflecting the global demand for escapism after being deprived for so long. Months of restrictions and disruption have generated a newfound hunger amongst international artists and art lovers with a significant number of emerging artists on the rise.

FOCUS Art Fair’s upcoming project ‘ART BOOM – 2021/2022’ aims to highlight, explore and reimagine the potential future of our evolving world, forming new perspectives and dialogues within the industry as new, diverse, and influential talent come to the forefront during this period of rebirth. We have not had a shared experience globally since then until the pandemic. The art that has come out of the pandemic, therefore, being unifying and relevant across cultures, is similarly likely to steer drastic changes in the cultural narrative. FOCUS Art Fair believes that a post-pandemic art boom is happening as the loss of stability pushed many artists out of their comfort zones to pursue their true passion, and as social isolation and introspection drove the desire to express more authentically and connect more genuinely through art.

On top of this, a spirit of innovation is seen in how modes of the exhibition have evolved within such a short span of time as part of this cultural reshaping, with advancements ranging from virtual gallery tours to the creation of alternative worlds using CGI. A question then begins to surface about what can or should constitute the experience of the exhibition, including its emotional and spatial aspects. How do we express and how do we connect? At Focus ART-Boom 2022, Focus Art Fair responds in two ways:

Face-to-face, through our Art Show, which features models holding artworks whilst walking on the runway. Instead of designing a route for the viewer to walk around still artworks, artworks are animated and moved along the viewer’s line of sight. Also, this year FOCUS Art Fair is more than ever in touch with the digital world. Following the rise of the metaverse and the blossoming of various forms of digital art, this new edition seeks to explore and highlight the advent of this new artistic era. To do so, we will feature NFTs, set up an innovative program using virtual reality and artificial intelligence, and present a virtual version of the exhibition in order to emphasize the way the art world is redefining itself.

Both prompt a re-evaluation, reimagining, and reinvention of how we engage with art, and the positions of the artist, the work, the audience, and the market in relation to one another. All of this can be achieved and explored at Focus ART-Boom 2022 which will take place at the Carrousel de Louvre from September 1st to 4th.