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New Dimensions

Stéphanie Poppe, Natures artificielles - Sumire

Art holds the power to generate strong emotions upon a single glance. Indeed, images of a pastoral landscape or a forest stream evoke a sense of tranquillity and calmness. On the other hand, a monochrome palette may create mystery, anxiety, and obscurity. Yet, for French artist Florence Boré and Belgian artist Stéphanie Poppe, the power of art is not simply limited to visual perception. Instead, both artists explore the integration of various media into their artwork, thus exploring new styles, dimensions and possibilities.

The artworks of Florence Boré are mainly inspired by her own upbringing as a bibliophile. Having mastered the art and technique of bookbinding, Boré experiments with materials such as leather, wood, and shagreen by applying them directly to the canvas. In his work, ‘A6’ (2019), the artist combines both the media of acrylic, leather and photo collage which captures the viewer with its multidimensional nature. By using leather, Boré not only exposes the viewer to its texture that stands in stark contrast to the photo collage and the acrylic paint, but the artist furthermore highlights the function of the leather’s odour, thus complicating the emotions which the artwork evokes. Likewise, in the artwork ‘Envol de l’Âme’ (2016), fine grains of sand are applied to the background of acrylic paint and ink. In doing so, the grainy texture of the sand gives the work a blurred effect, as if we are looking at the reflection of the clouds in a puddle of water.

Florence Boré, Symphonie, 2021, Acrylique, cuir, 106✕78cm

Belgian artist Stéphanie Poppe creates art that is inspired by her family’s historical background in the textile industry. Her own education in art history and her studies in art restoration furthermore influence her artistic style, which focuses on the balance between art, culture, architecture, and nature. The artworks of Poppe feature minimalist structures that consist of a wide range of materials such as paper, metallic wire, and thread. By using materials that make up the infrastructure of an urban landscape, Poppe explores the ways in which art can reflect the essentials of our everyday life. Indeed, in her work ‘Fragiles - Ombrage’, the application of synthetic material against a painted background seems to capture the intricate details and patterns of nature.

Stéphanie Poppe, Fragiles Reflets 1 et 2