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Artsy is for art collecting.

As the leading marketplace for art by the world’s emerging and established artists, we’ve made it easy for new and experienced collectors to discover, buy, and sell art—and so much more. Everything you’ll ever need to collect art, you’ll find on Artsy.


Adler participated as the main technical partner at 2022 Focus Paris, held at 'Carrousel du Louvre'. We provided global artists with new and immersive VR space to showcase their artwork.

Why did we make a foray into the art scene with 3D spatial SNS?
Because artists are the ones who have always dreamed of surrealistic canvases, free from the limitations of the era and technology. The collaboration between Adler and the art fair will open up new possibilities in the field of art and technology.

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X8M is a next-gen creative web 3.0 collective to create an immersive 5 senses awakening moment based on fashion, entertainment, art, and design.

We play with sensational spatial mise en scene with physital realm. X8M works with AI and tech to enhance the content. 

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Parlor is a new way to socialize. Members enjoy a thoughtfully-curated calendar of online and in person events and the ability to connect with each other through our mobile app. Parlor members come from a variety of backgrounds creating a balanced mix of creatives, professionals and tastemakers.

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