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Persona is a psychological AI architecture which endows interactive digital agents with humanlike emotional states and behaviour. In effect, the portrait acts as a front-end which simulates the emotional states generated by observer interaction and the back-end cognitive models.


The project draws on an interdisciplinary team which hosts expertise from academic and performance institutions, as well as computer graphics studios, in order to further the integration of arts and sciences for human approachable AI.


The team is led by Jesper Eriksson who works across the domains of film, music, fine art, mathematics and artificial intelligence. It is further constituted by Phil Stilgoe (CEO, Centroid), Robert Lieck (Asst. Professor, Durham University), Simon Kay (Performance Capture Consultant, Animator), Jakob Abramson (Full-stack Engineer), Rebecca Wield (Movement Director, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama), and Giles Foreman (Founder, GFCA).

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