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"Opening an envelope with a flamingo print, I read a letter to myself from the future.My name is Ellen and this is my transformation story. I already understand that the metamorphosis can be traumatic. If you are reading this letter, it means that the exit from the Internet into reality has failed, otherwise I would tell this story personally. My virtual life has turned into a pandemic all over the world, where people cannot take off their masks.Removing masks in unintended places is dangerous, and I return to virtual spaces taking steps in the opposite direction. Our digital avatars look out of the planet’s windows.Fantasies and dreams of millions of digital communities in different parts of the world, whose presence and recognition are expressed in likes and views, here and now?

I chose the Internet as a habitat for myself and my mythical creatures, which the real outside world did not accept and condemned. My voice now is the letters that flew into the mailboxes in the backs of your heads. My little flamingos in the picture are postmen who brought a story that happened to me, and not to me, and at the same time, to each of us. Give a person a mask and they will tell you the truth. The whole world is now wearing masks and does that help? But don't be scared, this is a journey into a fantasy world where the connection between objects and names is blurred, and we will escape to a place where no one can hurt anyone. Flamingos have witnessed, not only the transformation of the characters of the pictures, but also the transformation of my personality through the stages of growing up this year, in those subtle moments on the verge of fear and freedom, when you can be anyone. The transitions between the worlds, perhaps, are somewhere "above" - "sur" - not above reality, but above the virtuality of our habitation - and it is there that the way home runs. I'm going home. Home is like a binary code inside a flat screen that someone's hand touches, pulsating in every moment of time;Home is like a matter of dreams, from which dreams come true without becoming reality; Home is like a physical interface in which touch, voice, and shared visions are possible; Home is a dance, home is a portal. Home is like a ritual of transition, from a wandering through seductive and sinister, dark and bright worlds into a place of strength, childhood, embrace and transformation: home is like coming back to real self."

Littleflamingo by Ellen Sheidlin

  • 100 x 70 x 4 cm