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The artist questions the notion of freedom and truth in a hyper-connected and hyper-controlled universe. But the questions that inspire him the most are metaphysical in nature and focus on the invisible. His work is an inner quest that must accommodate its interaction with the materiality of the world. 

With these concerns in mind, his work is inspired by the so-called "borderless universe" theory of cosmologist Stephen Hawking. Thus each of his creations takes a form, an object, a character etc ... from a previously executed painting. By this system, each canvas is a window open to another, thereby giving the viewer the impression of always projecting himself forward without being able to finally designate a beginning and an end. In addition to allowing a link between each of his creations and creating a microcosm and a personal mythology, this process allows him to integrate his present concerns (and therefore evolving) in each new creation. Thanks to this creative process, his art can afford great freedom both in terms of the mediums used (painting, sculpture, drawing, video, photo ...) and the subjects addressed.

Shunga by Julien Sama

  • 55 x 75 x 0.5 cm