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Introduction White Dragon is a global non-profit environmental awareness art initiative created by Satori Me. The exhibition brings together artists from all over the world to celebrate the unique bond between humans, earth, and dragon mythology. The objective of the exhibition is to re-evaluate the stereotypes of dragons in contemporary society and to renew their spiritual significance across many cultures. Dragons were once recognized as symbols of divine wisdom and spiritual significance by ancient civilizations around the globe, including China, Japan, and Native American tribes, among others. However, their legacy has been distorted and forgotten over time. White Dragon aims to enable the audience to re-discover dragons, stimulating a new appreciation for their eternal symbolism and importance. The show features contemporary artists, each entrusted with bringing one dragon to life. These artists were chosen for their diverse artistic approaches, backgrounds, and interpretations of dragons' revered importance in their respective cultures, and their work will be showcased in a multimedia exhibition. This groundbreaking “phygital” exhibition blends physical and digital art and includes stunning digital paintings, video art, and three-dimensional sculptures. In 2023, White Dragon will be presented in five major cities worldwide: Tokyo, Dubai, Seoul, New York, and London.

Satori Me invites artists and gallerists to participate in this extraordinary exhibition that celebrates the transformative power of art, and promotes cultural exchange, and environmental education.

Grishanti Holon, White Celestial Dragon, 2023

Patrice Hubert, Kinetic mecanik n°80_, Steel, textiles, motor and ledlight 30X30X115 cm, 2023

Synticate Art group, Imagine prompt- Dragon, 2023

Luke Brown, Have No Fear, 2023

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