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"My name is Ellen Sheidlin. I'm 26 years old. I'm a conseptual artist and I live in Saint Petersburg and in the Internet in the same time. I have my own virtual   gallery in Instagram with 4.7 million of viewers @sheidlina. I'm self-taught in photography, video, scuplture and painting.   

I'm working in survirtualism style, combining dreams, reality and virtuality. My work is inextricably linked with performance. Performance in photography is a real immersion in a material idea, each photo is embodied in reality. The scenery may interfere with passers-by or drown in the pool. Performance in paintings - I kiss each picture, and the print absorbs paint. Sometimes I tear off my hair and sign with it laying out letters. And the rest will be told by my oeuvres. "

Ellen Sheidlin

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