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As a self-taught artist, the notion of sustainability and her experiences in the different areas of the world remain the first source of inspiration for Sophie Trividic's works. She tried several techniques such as pastels and painting but finally decided to focus on meticulous Pointillism during COVID-19. She used the opportunity of this « slow-down » period to establish a professional renewal. Pointillism creates lines of fantasy and dreamlike landscapes with thousand of little black points. Each art piece required 2 to 3 months of work. The method itself provides a meditative state of mind thanks to the concentration needed.

Sophie Trividic, Dyptique Pueblos , 78 x 114cm, Ink pen on Paper, 2021

Sophie Trividic, Howling, 78 x 63cm, Ink pen on Paper, 2023

Sophie Trividic, Le Jardin, 78 x 63cm, Ink pen on Paper, 2022

Sophie Trividic, Temple, 78 x 63cm, Ink pen on Paper, 2023

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