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When Taezoo Park came to New York City in 2008, it was a year before the broadcast transmission system went digital. Since then, he has observed lots of abandoned technologies, especially analogue TVs which were expensive and the icon of new technology in the period of Nam June Paik, on the street. As an artist, he not only wanted to give them new life, as a form of art, but he also wanted to talk about the direction of technological development, its sustainability, and the undiscovered possibility through the series of his artwork, Digital Being. “Digital Being” is an invisible and formless creature born out of abandoned technology. Some of them work interactively and some of them are randomly working based on the characteristic and the original function of the machine. Like a new soul of the machine.

TAEZOO PARK, DIGITAL BEING_ REBIRTH – II, 366(w) x 244(D) x 274(H)cm, CRT TV Monitor, Moun

TAEZOO PARK, DIGITAL BEING: REBIRTH – II, 366(w) x 244(D) x 274(H)cm, CRT TV Monitor, Mount, Raspberry Pi, Arduino, LED Matrix, Pipe, Chair, Speaker, Traffic Light, LED Light, U-matic Tape, Beta Tape, VHS Tape, Multi-Strip, Relay, The Clapper, Wire, and Various abandoned technology on Wood Panels, 2023

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