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THREEDEEMEE (TDM) is more than an animation studio. TDM is creating virtual try-on (VTO) technology with true representation in every pixel. Our VTO technology, TDM Avatars, creates personalized avatars to match individuals' exact physical likenesses and measurements as exact digital twins. These avatars are the next step in the true representation of oneself in all virtual worlds. Envisioning an immersive online world with exact digital twins for a more personalized online experience. Our VTO technology, TDM Avatars, can be plugged into retailers' web2, web3, and Metaverse marketplaces as well as for digital fashion week, virtual galleries, and all immersive experiences. 

TDM, 3dDigitalFile, 2023-1.png

TDM, 3dDigitalFile, 2023-1

TDM, 3dDigitalFile, 2023-2.png

TDM, 3dDigitalFile, 2023-2

TDM, 3dDigitalFile, 2023-3

TDM, 3dDigitalFile, 2023-5

TDM,3dDigitalFile, 2023

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