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New York


UUU ART GALLERY is a music club, contemporary art gallery, and bar. UUU is a Benefit Corporation with a mission to initiate cultural conversations. UUU Art Gallery was founded in Rochester, NY in 2016. Cultural conversations are shaped by the artists and the audience, our role is to help make them happen.


Darin Cooper thinks about the diaspora of African American families in the South and creates portals to connect the viewer to a world that they might not know exist. Ryan Cosbert is (of Haitian & Guyanese descent work approaches and focuses on her own humanistic experiences, self-expression, political issues and historical narratives. Quiara Torres, she practice explores ancestral traditions of the Americas & Africa, challenging the aesthetic of colonial legacies. Nikko Washington works in painting, objects, and community. The narratives in his work are often cloaked with Greek and African Mythology depicting the shared familial experiences of growing up in Chicago. Jairo Sosa engages with elements of popular culture to form unique contemporary social mythologies. In sculptures, and mixed media installations he incorporates found materials alongside traditional mediums to illuminate the relationship between place and culture.

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