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Born in 1972, ARemy is a painter whose canvases can be defined by colour, movement, light, but above all the poetry that emerges from them. ARemy spent her childhood and adolescence divided between Europe, France where she is from, Africa, and South America, then the United States. Travels and landscapes engraved in her mind permeate her painting. Initially, nothing predestined this lawyer to end her career to devote herself to painting. Although intrigued and attracted by this universe, she had to wait until 2001 to dare to venture there and paint her first canvas.

It is a revelation. This extremely strong impression was felt the first time while spreading the paint with a knife and the desire to prolong this pleasure by making abstract landscapes emerge from a blank canvas pushes her to fully live her desire to create and to never leave her brushes.

Self-taught, she learns on her own. She follows her instinct and her desires and paints with complete freedom without worrying about academic rules that could hinder her creativity.

Far from the only aesthetic research, ARemy considers a canvas as a receptacle of emotions, those of the spectator but also those of the artist. Inspired by nature and its play of lights, all the shapes, lines, and colors that surround us and mingle with each other, she seeks to transcribe the emotions that emerge from them. Furtive emotions manifest and overlap in her painting and give all their depth and strength to her paintings.

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