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White Walls Gallery, located in the Philippines’ central business district, is a space dedicated to Philippine, regional, and international contemporary art.  With the vision of being the leading gallery where emerging and established artists could present works that zero in on regional and contemporary themes such as the body, memory, postcolonial identity, and the environment, White Walls Gallery continues to mount exhibitions that generate dialogue on contemporary life and encourage appreciation for the visual arts. With a focus on amplifying the reach and influence of Philippine and Asian contemporary art on a national, regional, and international scale, White Walls Gallery seeks to continue to be a catalyst for the emergence of works that represent the diverse perspectives, cultures, mediums, technologies, and aesthetic sensibilities of today. With a firm determination to cultivate the next generation of contemporary artists living and working in the Philippines and across the Asian continent, White Walls Gallery continues to design curatorial and mentorship programs that aim to deepen and broaden the understanding of emerging artists about the local, regional and global contemporary art scene as well as introduce processes and technologies that allow for the production of compelling, innovative and relevant works.

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