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Yann Toma presents an immersive installation in the G3 space of the Saatchi Gallery. Consisting of a central piece (an energetic and sculptural circle of 3000 light bulbs) and surrounded by six hieratic sound sculpture lookouts as well as immersive photographs and videos, PLANET ENERGY is a device that combines bodily perceptions and restitutions of recordings made in energetic zones present in several parts of the world that the artist has been methodically harvesting for several decades. The images present, reflections of inner energy amplified by the sound of the Martenot waves of the composer Nathalie Forget, resulting in their immediacy from an encounter between the artist and her desire to engage the imaginations of her somatic space in the heart of the ENERGY of the world. The relationship established, a form of affinity begins and makes the biosphere and the planet-source of the central device resonate, all amplified by the positive presence of sound lookouts. For our eyes as observers, the consequences are immediate and similar to fleeting apparitions. Images of thoughts emerge from our comings and goings and present themselves to us in a strange way, relying on hybrid forms resulting directly from the circulation of sound and images. From then on, all kinds of visions arise that appeal to the energy inscribed in each of us. Around this immersive form, the artist exhibits captured moments, a veritable gallery of universal and iconic portraits that reflects a shared and internalized vision of the time and space of the subjects present, sending us back to ourselves and our deep intimacy.

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